Matthias Klemm is new Managing Director of bio-ferm

14. January 2021

Matthias Klemm (51) is the new Managing Director of bio-ferm GmbH. He was born in Cologne, has a business degree and will realign SAN Agrow, the crop protection segment of the SAN Group.

Erich Erber has again brought another pro on board at SAN Group, in order to realign the business field of biotechnological crop protection. Matthias Klemm, a business economist, became the Managing Director of bio-ferm this month, changing from Nufarm Europe, where he was responsible for global management of biological crop protection. “Matthias has exactly the competencies and qualification a manager of SAN Group stands for,” says Erich Erber enthusiastically. “He is innovative and results-driven, and at the same time, he is a team player who has no problem whatsoever rolling up his sleeves and joining the effort.” Klemm is not a newbie in SAN Group. Nufarm has been a reliable distributor for bio-ferm for years. He originally comes from Germany and has many years of professional experience as a marketing and product manager with big players in the industry, such as BASF and Bayer AG. Klemm is married with two children and lives with his family in Germany and Austria.