Fresh ideas in plant protection in Europe

30. May 2022

SAN Agrow brings fresh ideas to plant protection in Europe

SAN Agrow Holding GmbH (formerly bio-ferm) and SAN Group Biotech USA (formerly Westbridge) cooperate in finding innovative, non-chemical and thus sustainable, organic solutions.

Since fall 2021, SAN Agrow Holding and SAN Group Biotech USA have cooperated as SAN Agrow in finding efficient solutions for sustainable plant health and providing a comprehensive product range of organic products for the agricultural industry, including plant protection agents, biostimulators, nutrients and fertilizers, among other things. Both companies together have 50 years of expertise in this field, and have developed reliable plant protection products such as BotectorTM and Blossom ProtectTM, and in particular also the organic herbicide Suppress® , which holds a leading position on the US market. SAN Agrow’s goal is the approval and introduction of new innovative products for the German market.  

Reliable products to make the lives of farmers easier

As of this season, SAN Agrow provides three organic products – Botector®, Blossom ProtectTM,and Buffer Protect NTTM - which focus on viticulture and orcharding.

Listening to our customers’ needs

“We at San Agrow have been cooperating with reliable and renowned market players for years, and we are looking forward to having Biofa GmbH as our new distribution partner. However, in the fields of research, technology, consulting and marketing, we count on our independent processes. We want to be open and transparent, and meet our customers at eye level. This way, we can react to changes quickly,” say Matthias Klemm, Managing Director of SAN Agrow Holding and Dr. Jan Wunderle, responsible for business and strategy development in Central Europe.

SAN Agrow has a high innovation potential. In the coming years we will focus on the development of innovative solutions in direct attunement with our customers. This facilitates sustainability in farming and makes the lives of our farmers easier.