Product Type:
Fungicide, Insecticide
brassica, berries, citrus, cucurbits, field vegetables, fruiting vegetables, fruit trees, grapes, leafy vegetables, root vegetables, tuber vegetables, row crops, strawberries, tree nuts, ornamental trees, shrubs, flowers, containerized plants
aphids, mealy bugs, mites, psyllids, thrips, whiteflies, soft body insects, beetles, earwigs, flies, leafhoppers, leafrollers, lygus bugs, moths, scales, weevils, powdery mildew, downey mildew, botrytis
Organic US, Conventional
Regional-N-America, US-Arizona, US-California, US-Colorado, US-Connecticut, US-Florida, US-Georgia, US-Hawaii, US-Idaho, US-Illinois, US-Indiana, US-Iowa, US-Maine, US-Maryland, US-Massachusetts, US-Michigan, US-Minnesota, US-Missouri, US-Montana, US-Nevada, US-New Hampshire, US-New Jersey, US-New Mexico, US-New York, US-North Carolina, US-Ohio, US-Oregon, US-Pennsylvania, US-South Carolina, US-Texas, US-Vermont, US-Virginia, US-Washington, US-Wisconsin

The Product

Insect, Mite & Disease Control

GARGOIL® offers fast and effective broad-spectrum pest control for all certified organic food crops and ornamentals. GARGOIL® targets soft-body insects, including leafhoppers, mites, aphids, thrips, whiteflies, psyllids, and other soft-body insects, and can help control immature forms of larger insects such as worms and scale crawlers. Can also be used as a preventative to control fungal diseases, such as powdery mildew and botrytis.

Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographical regions. Product associated claims may differ based on government requirements. Product availability may vary by country, please contact SAN Agrow for more information.