Organic BIOLINK® Cal Plus 6% Calcium (USA)

Organic BIOLINK® Cal Plus 6% Calcium (USA)
Product Type:
brassica, berries, citrus, cucurbits, field vegetables, fruiting vegetables, fruit trees, grapes, leafy vegetables, root vegetables, tuber vegetables, row crops, strawberries, tree nuts, ornamental trees, shrubs, flowers, containerized plants
Organic US, Conventional
Regional-N-America, US-California, US-Hawaii, US-Pennsylvania, US-Utah, US-Washington

The Product

Organic BIOLINK® Cal Plus 6% Calcium (USA)

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Organic BIOLINK® Cal Plus 6% Calcium is a liquid organic plant food for lawns and all plants. This product is designed to correct calcium deficiencies and to help reclaim salty (saline-sodic) soils. This product is completely soluble for improved nutrient availability and uptake by plant roots.

Not for sale in California.

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