Organic TRIGGRR® 0-0-1 (USA)

Organic TRIGGRR® 0-0-1 (USA)
Product Type:
brassica, berries, citrus, cucurbits, field vegetables, fruiting vegetables, fruit trees, grapes, leafy vegetables, root vegetables, tuber vegetables, row crops, strawberries, tree nuts, ornamental trees, shrubs, flowers, containerized plants
Organic US, Conventional
Regional-N-America, US-Arizona, US-California, US-Colorado, US-Florida, US-Idaho, US-Iowa, US-Massachusetts, US-Michigan, US-Minnesota, US-Montana, US-New Hampshire, US-New Jersey, US-New York, US-North Carolina, US-North Dakota, US-Oregon, US-Pennsylvania, US-Rhode Island, US-Texas, US-Utah, US-Vermont, US-Virginia, US-Washington, US-Wisconsin

The Product

Organic TRIGGRR® 0-0-1 (USA)

TRIGGRR - Optimize your crop

Organic TRIGGRR® contains auxiliary soil and plant substances. It is formulated with plant extracts for use on all plants to increase water and micronutrient uptake.  Organic TRIGGRR® can be used on all crops, including vegetables, fruit trees and vines, flowering and ornamental trees and shrubs, flowers and containerized plants, lawn, and turf

Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographical regions. Product associated claims may differ based on government requirements. Product availability may vary by country, please contact SAN Agrow for more information.